For Others, It’s Just Business.
For Me, It’s Personal.

Michael Satterwhite

A Lynn native, Michael served on the School Committee for two terms and bought his first house at age 21 on Saunders Road. After building a family, he relocated to Cedar Brook Road and now resides on Bridle Path Road. He is familiar with all of the businesses in our area—from Mino’s staff to Atha’s, Rockland Trust bankers to Salem Five, North Shore Lock & Key locksmiths to Toomey’s Cleaners, and all those in between. He is a landlord and currently runs two successful businesses in a community, a Law Firm and a Real Estate office. He also knows the mail carriers and each school principal in our ward. Having personally invested himself in the community through relationships and frequent interactions with both residents and businesses, this knowledge can be beneficial to us as well. He has the background, knowledge and experience to start working for you on day one.

Michael is a product of Lynn Public Schools and has lived in the Ward for many years. He moved from renting to owning property here, and then from being an employee to becoming his own boss. By running his business in this ward for 17 years and employing local community members, he believes that he has shown his commitment to our community. Also, he has generously given back his time and energy by working on various boards and steering committees.

His life has been intertwined with yours in this community—working, learning, being neighbors and friends. Now he wants to be your voice on the council. Representing you and standing up for all of us.

His first action as Ward One Councilor would be to connect with our Community, doing so honestly, frequently and transparently.

We have tremendous potential, I’m here to break through the barriers

– Michael Satterwhite

Michael, his wife Andrea and their children.

“At 11 years when my Dad (Melvin Satterwhite) and Mom-E (Eileen Kennedy Satterwhite) got custody of me and my brother we moved on Kirtland Street. After saving for a few years, my parents purchased their first house in Ward One on Ford Street. I remember growing up and listening to the games at the old Manning Bowl. I also got my first job at the McDonalds on Boston Street. I attended Pickering Middle School. I bought my first house at 21 on Saunders Road and moved around slightly in Ward One (Edge Hill to Cedar Brook to Bridle Path) and purchased the former Hayward Restaurant on Lynnfield Street. At 39 years of age, most of my life has been spent throughout Ward One. I have build relationships and bonds with many families and businesses throughout Ward One and that will continue once elected Ward One Councilor.” Michael Satterwhite

I will focus on affordability, accessibility, activities and public safety.

– Michael Satterwhite

Michael, his wife Andrea and their children.

Michael’s Path to Candidacy

Work Experience:

Michael has worked in the legal field for over 19 years, having opened his own practice 9 years ago. Michael owns the Lynn Ward One based The Satterwhite Law Firm, P.C.. Michael spent several years specializing in a variety of areas of law, including but not limited to, Animal, Business and Commercial, Bankruptcy, Discrimination, Employment, Family and Probate, Immigration, Real Estate/Property and Special Education law. In addition to growing a successful law practice, Michael utilizes his practice to educate and train Lynn residents that are interested in the legal field and welcomes, on average, 3 interns (high school and college students) per year for paid internships.

Michael’s law professor was Chief Justice of the Housing Court, Timothy F. Sullivan, and during law school Michael was able to observe Judge Sullivan when he was a Justice in Worcester Housing Court. Judge Sullivan encouraged Michael to join the Lawyer for the Day program, which Michael did. Michael has worked with both landlords and tenants in legal dispute in both housing and district court. In 2019 Michael was invited to join a group of attorneys (Housing Court Bench Bar Conference) in giving feedback to the Housing Court while drafting new policies to bring the Housing Court up to date and more user friendly.

In 2011 Michael started his work with his employer’s financial institution and lender clients on their reforms after the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) issued substantive regulations. Congress passed the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act in 2010 in response to the late 2000s recession and financial crisis. Michael helped many businesses impacted by CFPB become compliant. Michael continues representing businesses through reform, improvement and compliance.

Michael’s previous practice specialized in representing dog owners and pet owners. Starting in 2013, Michael was co-counsel on many cases that saved the lives of dogs and pets, either at trial or at a city or town’s enforcement agency hearing.

Michael has helped create businesses, both for-profit and nonprofit, on the North Shore. Representing clients from an idea, to building a business plan, to establishing a legal entity (with the Commonwealth and IRS-some being 501c3 applications in addition), to drafting operating protocols, to finding a location and negotiating a lease, to patent and copyright, to drafting contracts and agreement, to networking, and forming a long term business relationship. Michael’s work with local businesses also include finding fraud and corruption, working with local authorities and reforming business practices, which in return saves small business substantial funds and keeps prices and costs low for consumers. Michael often provides his expert business experience to non-profits at no costs.

Michael has practiced before the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) for several years. Michael’s work with MCAD has involved housing, age and work related discrimination. Michael has extensive background, knowledge and experience working with Lynn residents on eradicating discrimination.

Michael has practiced before the Bureau of Special Education Appeals for several years. Michael’s work with Special Education law has improved the services and accommodations in an equitable way for many students throughout the North Shore.

In 2016 Michael successfully completed the Supreme Judicial Court’s approved alternative dispute resolution conciliation training program. Michael volunteers countless hours in Lynn District Court and Trial Courts throughout the North Shore with conciliations between parties in a legal dispute. Michael is also a mediator, under the requirements outlined in the Massachusetts Confidentiality Statute (MGL ch233 sec 23C) and Rule 8(c)(i) of the MA Supreme Judicial Court’s Uniform Rules on Dispute Resolution.

In 2017 Michael spearheaded class action lawsuits against two out of state businesses that failed to comply with Massachusetts rules and regulations and successfully stopped several unlawful lawsuits against Lynn residents.

In 2017 Michael started working with a large Union in Massachusetts to provide legal services through the Union’s Legal Funds. Michael has provided additional training and informational sessions for Union members regarding housing and immigration.

In 2019 Michael transitioned a large portion of his practice to a long term friend and co-worker. Michael focused on a smaller scale of clients and spent additional time with his mother who had terminal lung cancer. Michael’s mother, Brenda Beal, passed away August 19, 2020. Michael and his family will offer a scholarship, mentorship and an internship in her honor to 5 Lynn Public Schools 10th graders each year.

Michael has filed thousands of immigration matters throughout his career. Michael has been used as an expert witness in cases involving immigration issues. Michael understands immigration and its impact on the Lynn community.

When COVID19 hit our community hard, many families relied on Michael to probate their lost ones estate. Michael handles these cases with compassion and with urgency. Michael also works with families with elderly relatives that have declining health and need additional assistance in life, through guardianship and conservator petitions.

Michael is admitted to practice before the United States Bankruptcy Court District of Massachusetts, United States Immigration Courts, United States District of Massachusetts Federal Court and all state courts in Massachusetts, including Land Court.

Michael has been in the real estate field for over 17 years, having become a real estate broker 9 years ago. Michael owns the Ward One Lynn based Michael Anthony Real Estate, LLC. In addition to taking part of over a million dollars in transactions each year, Michael utilizes his real estate practice to educate and train Lynn residents that are interested in real estate. For the past 7 years, Michael has offered a free real estate course (the required 40 hour course) to over 50 Lynn residents and this has spurred job growth in the area and provided another source of potential income for those completing the free course.

In 2020 Michael started inviting seniors and recent graduates of Lynn Public Schools to take part of the course, increasing the average class size from 10 students to 25 students.

Michael works with both sellers and buyers with residential and commercial transactions. Michael also works with both landlords and tenants with residential and commercial transactions. Michael has worked with investors and developers in the Greater Boston region for several years.

Michael bought his first investment property in Lynn in 2006, a multi family on Saunders Road, and in 2020 he acquired the former Hayward Restaurant/Dock 125 on Lynnfield Street. Michael understands the real estate market and housing in Lynn.

Board Experience:

Michael serves as the Clerk of the Board for the Haven Project, which runs the Land of a Thousand Hills Cafe on Monroe Street. “The Haven Project is the only organization north of Boston dedicated specifically to providing age appropriate services to a growing, vulnerable 17-24 year old homeless young adult population. We implement our mission through six essential focus areas: basic needs, employment, housing, education, health, and community engagement.

Michael has been working on the Board for Good Hope for several years and is the former Clerk for the Board. Good Hope Foods continues serving hundreds of families each week and with COVID19 the numbers increased. Michael worked to bring a food bank into Lynn when other food banks were closing down. Good Hope Foods works in collaboration with Lynn Community Connections Coalition, an organization Michael currently serves on the Steering Committee, to fight hunger and the food insecurities many families in Lynn face. Many Lynn residents get their food from the food banks offered by Good Hope Foods. Aside from just offering food, Good Hope offers English classes, has medical clinics, and has a Thanksgiving dinner project each year. It’s important to meet families where they are and help equip them with the tools they need to succeed. After so long, you start to see families succeed on their own and help others.

Michael serves on the Board of Directors for North Shore Latino Business Association (NSLBA) and is the former Director of Fundraising. NSLBA is “the premier small business association in Boston’s North Shore helping Latino and business owners and entrepreneurs grow.”

Michael has spent several years working on the steering committee for Lynn Community Connections Coalition (LCCC) and is the former Chair for the committee. LCCC serves families, individuals & senior citizens throughout the city of Lynn and connects them to various resources. For several years LCCC offered Parenting Programs and Fathering Programs to the community which helped improve family reunification after DCF involvement. LCCC partners with Lynn Housing Authority and other non-profits like Center Board. LCCC holds an annual Child Abuse Prevention Community Breakfast in which Michael was a speaker and participant for many years.

Michael has spent several years working on the Boston Walk Committee for the Lupus Foundation of America and is the former Chair for the walk committee. The Boston Walk has raised over 1,000,000.00 over the past 7 years to help meet the organizations “three critical goals: identify the causes of lupus, discover better ways to control symptoms and, ultimately, find pathways to cure lupus.”

Michael serves on the Beyond Walls Leadership Council. Beyond Walls is “a diverse group that believes cities best thrive when they are full of art and have engaged stakeholders and active spaces.”

Michael serves on the Alumni and Friends of Lynn Classical committee. Michael attended Lynn Classical in the 9th and 10th grade. “The Alumni & Friends of Lynn Classical High School is a non-profit organization serving alumni, students and supporters of Lynn Classical High School to strengthen our community, build lasting relationships and continue the tradition of “Ram Pride””.

Michael served on the Board of Gregg House during the leadership transition period. “The Gregg House Mission is to support each child in our program to grow up healthy, educated, resilient, and successful by providing every family with comprehensive services, appropriate resources, and ongoing opportunities for family and community engagement.”

Michael was also a Board member of the Malden Chamber of Commerce for almost 3 years.

Government Experience:

Michael was first elected to the School Committee in 2017. Upon joining the Committee, Lynn Public Schools (LPS) changed the formula used in our school budget (the largest in the city) process, making it more equitable and improving the experience and education our students receive.

Michael was Chair of the Negotiating subcommittee for the 4 years he served and worked with LPS unions, hearing directly from LPS educators and staff on their needs. Michael was also a member of the Personnel subcommittee, which brought more direct services positions to the district. Michael was also a member of the Policy subcommittee.

In 2018 LPS started offering free breakfast and lunch to all students. LPS qualified and is still currently enrolled in the Community Eligibility Provision Program. Business Administrator Kevin McHugh projected that LPS would net about $100,000.00 a year being in the program, allowing for more funds to be allocated to the direct services of our students (who are now learning on a full belly).

In 2018 LPS started implementing strategies to bring more diversity into LPS staff to better reflect the student population.

In 2018 LPS and the School Committee drafted and approved Operating Protocols aimed at improving communication, transparency and trust between the committee and school administration.

In 2019 LPS brought an 8th grade Discovery program to Lynn Vocational Technical Institute.

In 2020 LPS started rolling out initiatives aimed at eradicating racism and improving cultural competence in the district.

During the four years Michael served, LPS had seen a real transformation that benefited our students and educators.

Volunteer Experience:

Michael has been a volunteer with Volunteers of America for the past 25 years. VOA is “dedicated to helping those in need rebuild their lives and reach their full potential”.

Michael served as a Mentor for North Shore Community College’s chapter of Men Achieving Leadership, Excellence and Success (MALES). “M.A.LE.S. (Men Achieving Leadership, Excellence and Success) organization fosters inclusive professional and personal development opportunities, which enhance and aid to the overall fabric of civic engagement and the academic and community environment. M.A.L.E.S. develops and transforms educated and engaged individuals through mentorship, brotherhood, service learning, social capital and professional growth. M.A.L.E.S. integrates the goals and vision of alumni, advisors and current members who are dedicated to help facilitate the enrichment of the organizations culture.”

Michael has been a volunteer at My Brother’s Table for more than 20 years. “The mission of My Brother’s Table is to nourish our community every day through hospitality, free meals, and unconditional love.”

Michael has the knowledge, background and experience to be Ward One Councilor during this important time in our city.

Work Experience

The Satterwhite Law Firm, P.C.


January 2014-Present

  • Juris Doctor – Massachusetts School of Law June 2011
  • Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Legal Studies – University of Massachusetts Lowell August 2008
  • Associate in Science Degree in Paralegal Studies – Northern Essex  & North Shore Community Colleges June 2007
Volunteer, Non-Profit Boards and Steering Committees.
  • Volunteers of America – 1997 – Present
  • Ministerio Lavantate Y Resplandece (Arise and Shine Ministry)- 2009-2011
  • The Counter Influence – Calvary Christian Church- 2011-2016
  • Lupus Foundation of America/ Boston Walk  – 2014 – Present
  • Lynn Community Connections Coalition – 2014 – Present
  • Good Hope, Inc. – 2016 – Present
  • Lynn District Court/Lynn Bar Association – 2016 – Present
  • North Shore Latino Business Association Inc- 2017- Present
  • Haven Project, Inc.- 2020-Present
  • Gregg Neighborhood House- 2018-2020