30 Aug

Mayor hopefuls speak out

Satterwhite said that he would start with addressing the inequities in the city that were exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. That would include improving accessibility, affordability and safety of the city. “We’ve suffered for too long. We’ve been in too many short crises,” said Satterwhite. “It is now time to have long-term solutions for these issues.”

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24 Aug

Satterwhite picks up two endorsements

“He has the experience, training, and skills for the job and he also has the fresh perspective needed to bring much-needed change to City Hall,” Lynn United for Change said in a statement. “He has a deep understanding of the struggles faced by Lynn residents, with a long history of community involvement and lived experience as a former Lynn Public Schools student from a working-class family who endured housing instability as a child.”

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19 Aug

Letter: An endorsement for Satterwhite in Lynn

Michael has a pulse of our city and is the only candidate with a plan that encompasses accessibility, affordability, activities and public safety for all residents and businesses. Michael’s tenure on the Lynn School Committee has been exemplary. Michael is knowledgeable about the many needs we have in Lynn and he has the capacity to work through our challenges. One does not meet too many people in life who can compare to Michael and I am happy to support his candidacy for mayor of Lynn.

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26 Apr

Satterwhite kicks off his campaign for mayor in Lynn

Lynn School Committee member Michael Satterwhite hosted a virtual party on Monday night to kick off his campaign for mayor. Satterwhite announced his intention to run for the corner office in March — shortly after Mayor Thomas M. McGee said he would not be seeking re-election — citing plans to improve on affordable housing, race relations, public safety and the establishment of community programs.

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2 Apr

First Televised Interview with Lynn Community Television

The first two weeks of Satterwhite for Mayor of Lynn has been humbling. The outreach from our community has been strong. I have spent each day talking to voters and businesses. Voters that felt that their voices weren’t being heard. To see the sense of relief on their faces put a smile on my face. We all come from different walks of life, with different careers, but we all have the same goal and that is to make Lynn a better place. Businesses that want affordable housing and betters schools to …Read More keep their employees in the city they work in. We can only do that with community input and voice. We have to get past what has held us back and that is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a new result. We received 70 donations (99% from residents of Lynn) and the average donation was under $100! We received 300 signatures for our nomination papers and are still counting! Our grassroots campaign is just getting started! Please like our page and consider donating. We need to reach all voters in Lynn. Michael has the knowledge, background and experience to be your Mayor.

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25 Mar

Satterwhite Announces Candidacy for Mayor of Lynn

Following is Michael Satterwhite’s announcement of his candidacy for Mayor of Lynn: Attorney Michael A. Satterwhite has announced his run for Mayor of Lynn. Michael is a native of Lynn and has served on the School Committee for the past four years. From East Lynn to West Lynn, from Curwin Circle to the Highlands

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17 Mar

Lynn School Committee member Michael Satterwhite in the running for Mayor

School Committee member Michael Satterwhite announced his intention to run for mayor on Wednesday afternoon.

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About Michael Satterwhite

Michael will bring the strong leadership our city needs. Michael is running for Mayor because our city needs a vision for its future, one that we must fight to be part of.

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