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Michael Satterwhite, a product of a working class family and a father himself, has faith that we can resolve our most pressing issues through collective effort. Having worked beside citizens and businesses in this Ward for numerous years, Michael is aware of their needs and desires.

Michael promises to serve Every Resident and Every Business in Ward One. A Voice for You!

Michael Satterwhite has the knowledge and experience we need in Ward One

Michael Satterwhite ran for Mayor of Lynn in 2021 on the foundation of bringing YOUR voice to city hall. He still wants to do this as the next Ward One Councilor. Check out his multiple debates and forums on where he stands on matters involving Ward One and our families.

Michael Satterwhite has a unique ability to connect to people.

“Michael has the compassion of a person who’s experienced tremendous challenges and overcomes each with grace, gratitude and a unique ability to connect to people, their issues, concerns and problems. Michael is a strong advocate for those who need guidance and help, and I believe he would be great for residents and families. His achievements and work ethic speak for themselves. I may move there so I can vote for him myself.” Michael’s longtime friend (28 years), Susan Wornick – a former investigative reporter and anchor for WCVB-TV endorsed his candidacy.

Michael Satterwhite has the cunning skill of getting to the root of a problem.

“For four years..I have respected how you performed your role. But in particular the aspect involving your connectiveness to the community. I’m not sure how you know everybody and I do mean everybody. But you do. And you’ve leveraged your knowledge of everybody in this community to informed decisions that you make in this space. I have incredible respect for that. I also have incredible respect for how you’ve used the knowledge of the law and all related matters to help people, to help some of our most vulnerable children. You are a real ​ally to all members of the community and our neediest in particular. You leave a lasting legacy that reflects cunning skill, getting to the root of a problem and speaking up for those who need you to do it the most”.​
Dr. Patrick Tutwiler, former LPS Superintendent and current Secretary of Education.

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Dear Friend

I hope this letter finds you in good health. It’s been almost two decades since we faced a situation like this: the deadline for nomination papers for the Lynn municipal elections was July 14th, and our current Ward One councilor Wayne Lozzi opted out of running. That means that come January 2024, there will be a new face representing Ward One. I’ve worked hard to canvass ward one, speaking to hundreds of residents directly. We all agree that if our city stays on its current trajectory, it will become unsustainable and throw our city into chaos. Between increasing class sizes at schools, outdated firefighting equipment, and skyrocketing property taxes – it’s clear something needs to change. I know what it feels like to live in instability – I had to make hard decisions as a youth so my family could pull through, and I’m willing to work just as hard so yours doesn’t have to either.

My years of involvement in civic and business matters show the commitment needed to be Ward One’s next leader. Moving the city forward requires working together, and I need your help to do it.

We must use local talent and resources to create solutions that permit our small businesses to succeed and provide affordable living for residents. I can lead conversations about Lynnfield Street, Broaway, replacement Pickering Middle School, traffic in the ward, developments, City budget items, and more. I know Lynn can rise to every occasion, so I am fighting to fix what needs fixing.

Now I am asking you to trust me as Ward One Councilor. I have the background, education, and experience necessary. I will welcome ideas from anyone, wanting to breakdown any existing barriers. I hope you will give me your vote September 5, 2023 and November 7, 2023.

New School-based Programs

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I saw your entry about Susan Wornick and Mayor Menino and I just want to say how proud I am of you and of all you have done! You are so blessed with a wonderful outlook in life and your joy to reach out to people is medicine this world needs. It takes special people to step out ahead of the pack and you are one of them. The most important thing we can do in life is affect another person and you have done that, and continue to stimulate others to do it. Keep up the good work!!

Patricia Matusow, J.D.
Michael worked with my husband & I on a landlord-tenant issue in which we felt victimized by our former landlord. He immediately informed us of our rights & assisted in putting all of our paperwork & case together. He encouraged us to follow through and to not back down. Not only is Michael professional, but he is supportive & encouraging. Michael’s passion lies in advocating for what is right & what his clients are entitled to. You should consider yourself very fortunate if you find Michael to represent your needs.

Tenant Client

In Loving Memory of Brenda Ann Beal, my mother. My mother passed away after a two year battle with lung cancer on August 19, 2020. She was one of my biggest supporters and she is forever part of my heart. I miss you mom.