Let’s Talk About It

Growth never comes fast enough, but it should always be achieved steadily and equitably. With a diverse population and bright students laying a solid foundation, the only way to go from here is upwards. No one should be left behind and every voice should be heard. In a book I recently read, it stated, “it’s better to die trying than die dying.” Now is the time to try! Please, I hope you’ll support me for Ward One Coucilor.

Oftentimes, the best advice is to step back, take a breath and look at a situation from a distance before coming back to tackle the issue at hand. If we want growth and improvement, we must first look at where we are and plan where we want to be.

As someone who is raising his family in Ward One and has built equity in Ward One, I understand the needs and desires of our community, I promise to serve the entire Ward and not just certain areas and to support every business.

Present Focus Points:

  • Accessibility throughout our community
  • Affordability, fighting against our ever growing taxes and fees
  • Providing activities for our community
  • Enhancing our business community
  • Improving our public safety
  • Strengthening our health and wellness